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Lifestyle IOL’S

An intraocular lens (IOL) is the artificial lens surgeons implant to replace the eye’s crystalline lens that must be removed once it becomes cloudy. The main job of the IOL is to focus light onto the back of the eye (or retina), just as a natural, healthy eye lens would. If the light isn’t focused correctly on the retina, then the brain can’t process the images accurately. Until recently, IOLs were only available to correct distance vision. These monofocal lenses helped improve distance vision after cataract surgery, but patients still needed glasses or contact lenses for near vision. Now, advancements in technology have produced multifocal IOLs that allow patients to see clearly at all distances — near, far and many distances in between. Multifocal IOLs such as ReStor® preserve distance vision and correct presbyopia so cataract surgery patients — and patients seeking treatment for refractive errors alone — can enjoy clear sight without relying on glasses. Toric IOLs are specially designed for patients with pre-existing astigmatism and are used instead of, or in addition to, limbal-relaxing incisions. No single lens works best for everyone. Only your eye doctor can determine the most appropriate option for you and will work with you to help select the right course of treatment.

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